Welcome to the site of the Glen Spose atelier: Italian wedding and ceremonial dresses in the center of Rome

Modelli Glen was born in Rome in the middle of the 1930s as a paper pattern store. Over the years it has evolved to become one of the most famous fashion Ateliers in Rome, Italy today. Paola, the designer, has continued the work of her mother, creating all the models in the collection herself and personalizing them each time based on the needs of her customers. Paola follows them throughout the entire production of an outfit, whether it be a wedding dress, a formal dress, or an accessory.

Today, The staff of seamstresses still handcrafts all the dresses, whether they be wedding dresses or formal dresses for the guests.  The clothes are all produced with high-quality fabrics. The lace and embroideries are created by the designer herself and are thus exclusive. The bodices are embroidered with new, innovative materials, the fruit of the continuous quest for fine details which make each dress a unique and exclusive piece.

Our collection also offers rare hand-painted dresses with highly elegant colors and designs. Even though it is primarily dedicated to the creation of wedding and high fashion dresses, Modelli Glen also produces first communion dresses. Even today a section of the Atelier is dedicated to the production of paper patterns, offering those who wish to do so the opportunity to produce a dress themselves.

We also offer the possibility of purchasing a kit containing the paper pattern, including fabric selected by you and everything required to produce the dress, benefiting from the professionalism of the Glen Spose staff at any time so you can complete the dress of your dreams with great personal satisfaction.

Accessories complete the services we offer:
We offer accessories ranging from custom-made shoes produced from the same fabric as the dress, to handbags for the ceremony, to various hairdos which recall the dress, to lingerie custom-made and fitted for the bride according to the most current fashions.

We invite you to our fashion Atelier so we can get to know each other better. Let us advise you on the choice of a dress for your “most beautiful day” with the courtesy and professionalism which have always distinguished us.

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